3 Tips To Prevent Your Temporary Crown From Failing

The purpose of a temporary crown is to protect your teeth until your dentist is able to install your permanent crown. Therefore, a temporary crown is often created using weaker materials and is attached to your tooth using temporary cement. This makes the temporary crown more susceptible to damage and failing. If your temporary crown fails, you will have to get it reinstalled by your dentist. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to prevent your temporary crown from failing.

Smile Confidently With A Breath-Freshening Whitening Oral Rinse

You are worried about your smile and breath; perhaps you are going to an important meeting, or you may be trying to impress a date. But you do not want to depend on some of the choices at your local supermarket due to questionable ingredients. No need to worry because this guide will show you how to freshen your breath and whiten your teeth with a natural mouth rinse. How To Make Your Oral Rinse

3 Ways To Prevent Denture Repairs

If you have dentures, you likely have spent a great deal of money on them. Dentures help to fill your smile with false teeth because you have either lost most of your natural teeth or your natural teeth have suffered from extreme tooth decay. In either situation, having dentures will have helped you make your oral health stronger and your smile more attractive, which probably boosted your confidence. Since you have spent a great deal of money on dentures already, you will want to do your best to avoid denture repairs.

Why Your Lower Denture Is Causing You Problems

Lower dentures are much more difficult to adapt to than the upper denture; however, it shouldn't be uncomfortable for you to wear. Your dentures should be put in first thing in the morning and worn for the day without having to take them out because they are causing you pain. What are the problems you experience with your lower denture and why does it happen? Chewing Problems Your lower denture has much less support than your upper denture does.

Do You Use Smokeless Tobacco? What It Does To Your Teeth

If you use smokeless tobacco, it not only can cause cancer, but it can wreak havoc on your teeth. Besides causing bad breath and yellow teeth, it can cause more damage. This is especially true if you do not have proper oral hygiene, and do not see a dentist regularly. Below are 3 things it is doing to your teeth each time you put some of it in your mouth.